V2 Cigs Clearance – Because no one Wants to Pay Full Price

v2 cigs clearanceV2 Cigs, one of the most reliable and popular electronic cigarette brands, has newly unveiled the latest buzz in the form of a “Clearance Section” on its official website, offering its customers some overstock V2 products at amazingly throw-away prices, which has stood out as a huge hit with the e-smokers.

Grab Amazing Discount on V2 Products

While proving its mettle, V2 Cigs, the premium e-cigarette brand has been providing the best e-smoking products and receiving optimum feedback from its customers. The new ‘Clearance Section’ puts unbeatable offers on both overstock and minor-defect products for interested consumers.

The products featured regularly in this section include all kinds of V2 products ranging from expensive starter kits to refill cartridges as well as other accessories. So, the budget shoppers who don’t want to pay full price can now have a reason to appreciate this brand new development.

Discount Offers do not Mean Low Quality

It is worth-mentioning here that clearance should not be taken as an equivalent to low quality because the company features in this section three types of products: one, the products that have been manufactured by the company in plenty; second, the items available in the old stock but have been upgraded as the company always looks for adding unique innovation to its existing products; and thirdly those products that might have a very slight defect, not exceeding the company’s maximum permissible 5% quality control ratio.

Moreover, V2 Cigs makes sure to keep its customers informed as to why the company is going to offer such a huge discount on normally expensive goods. Therefore, it includes in the clearance section straightforward descriptions about the quality as well as condition of the featured products. Besides, the exact reason for any product that goes in the clearance section, and the level of defect, if any, in percentages are clearly described against each product at the website.

All customers making orders from V2 clearance section can save at least 50%, and in some cases up to 80% in savings in comparison with the original price. Customer reviews show they are quite happy with the quality and effectiveness of the overstock products shipped to them through this special scheme.

The Bottom Line

v2 clearance section
The V2 E-Cig consumers who are often short on budget can now have a good reason to take pleasure at the company’s expense given that they are fortunate enough to find their desired products in the clearance section. No doubt, it makes sense to visit the clearance section first to check if the product you are going to make an order for is available at discounted price. Who knows you can be a lucky one to find your products many times in the clearance section.


V2 Cigs disposables – Have You Tried an E Cig Yet? Now’s Your Chance.

V2 DisposablesV2 Cigs has recently introduced its much-awaited and highly sought after line of disposable electronic cigarettes. By far, these are the best, just like V2’s original line of e-cigs. If you have been planning to replace traditional cigarettes with e-cigs, you don’t have an excuse anymore, as V2 disposable cigarettes have hit the industry to earn unbeatable acclaim.

A Good Choice for Beginners

Are you on the fence with electronic cigarettes? Do you think spending hard earned dollars on an expensive starter kit may not give you the expected payoff? There couldn’t be a more suitable solution for you than giving a try to V2 disposable e-cigarettes.

With the new line of V2 disposable electronic cigarettes, there is no need at all to recharge batteries over and over again, or to frequently purchase refill cartridges. Just purchase single-use e cigarettes and enjoy a new smoking experience until the vapor volume comes to an end. Then just throw it away; that simple.

No doubt, in disposable electronic cigarette technology, V2 disposable e-cigs stand unbeatable, but you still cannot enjoy the exact feel for a V2 cigarette’s battery-cartridge combo until you give it a try too. The real experience is unexplainable. However, these V2 disposables will surely help you get an idea of the quality you enjoy when making a purchase from V2 Cigs.

A Unique Convenience for Veterans

As a veteran V2 smoker, you may not find any attraction in V2 disposable cigarettes, mainly because you have your own complete V2 kit and you don’t want to purchase one that you would simply end up throwing away.

Let’s talk about this matter in another way… Aren’t you tired of recharging your e-cig’s battery? Don’t you feel this recharging activity a bit inconvenient when you are on a long journey, away from your home for an extended period of time?

The V2 disposables aren’t any inconvenience, no matter how minor it is. They reach your home fully charged and ready to smoke. A single V2 disposable e-cig can give 350-450 puffs approximately and therefore lasts about as long as two packs of traditional tobacco cigarettes. The moment the charge is over, simply throw it away and go for a new one.

Flavors and Nicotine Strength

Currently, you can choose from two flavors: traditional tobacco and refreshing menthol. New flavors are expected to become available as soon as the demand increases. As for the nicotine strength, you can choose between light (6mg nicotine) and full (18mg) nicotine. It is highly recommended that you choose the light one if you are new with V2 Cigs.

v2 disposables sale
The price of a 3 pack-V2 Disposables is just $24.95; however, if you want to make some savings, you should make an order for a 10 pack-V2 Disposables, which is available at discount rate, $64.95.

Just give V2 disposable e-cigs a try and experience a new horizon of e-smoking marked by taste, quality and convenience.

V2 Cigs E Liquid – The Most Trusted on the Market

V2 cigs e liquidV2 Cigs has made another mark by finally releasing its much awaited proprietary E Liquid after providing the highest value in E-Cigs Starter Kits for all budgets. With this addition to the e-cig industry, customers are now able to fill their empty cartridges on their own, saving a considerable amount of money and enjoying the same great taste the company is known for.

An Ultimate Choice for Chain-Smokers

The v2 Platinum E-Liquid is the ultimate choice for those chain-smokers who find it hard to sit on their computers and make a new order for V2 Cigs Kit every time they have done with their cartridges 🙂 . Now they can refill their cartridges with fresh E-liquid of their choice without compromising over the original taste of the e-cig, and even without experiencing any mess with refilling process… Okay, okay, that might not be the biggest benefit of V2 e liquid, but it has some truth to it, you must admit.

The Most Reliable E-Liquid

V2 Cigs E Liquid comes in a sleek, silver childproof bottle with easy-to-use dropper, which has been built right into the lid. The most reliable in the market, the Platinum liquid solution has been made with V2 Cigs proprietary E-Liquid formula. While keeping up the company’s highest standards, the e-liquid has been designed exclusively for V2 Cartridges, providing you with your favorite flavors in a quite handy and economic way.

Flavors and Nicotine Strength
New v2 e liquid flavors
The recently released V2 Platinum E-Liquid comes in four nicotine strengths: Zero (0), Light (6), Medium (12) and Full (18) strengths. As far as the flavors are concerned, they are also four including V2 Red, V2 Sahara, V2 Menthol and V2 Peppermint. For some, the limited number of flavors may be a drawback, but when compared with 95% of the nasty flavors available in the market, these four seem to be amazing and sufficient.

Easy Refilling

V2 Cigs has made refilling quite convenient, introducing the useful dropper directly built into the lid of the Platinum E-liquid bottle. Given that you might frequently use V2 E Liquid and are often in a hurry, you had better consider purchasing V2 Drip Tips that will comprehensively help you make refilling your cartridges just a snap. While refilling, avoid your skin from absorbing E-Liquid as it contains nicotine, which can cause reddishness or irritation.


When purchasing a V2 Cigs E Liquid bottle, you will find V2 standing by its long history of affordable products. The 10 ml bottle will cost you $9.95 only, or if you want to save a bit more money you should get the large sized, 25 ml bottle, for which you will be paying $18.95. In the end, V2 E-Liquid will help you save money because it costs less than $1 to refill your cartridge whereas a single cartridge, when purchased in a pack of five, costs around $2.60. So you can save about $1.60 per cartridge, that’s huge!

In short, if you are a regular smoker of e-cigs, then V2 E Liquid is surely going to be your best bet because it offers quick, affordable variety, and the thickest, amazingly flavorful vapor in the industry.

V2 Cigs Starter Kits – A Way to Start for All Budgets

V2 Cigs Ultimate KitElectronic cigarettes are one of the most revolutionary products to ever hit the smoking industry. If you have used nicotine gum, inhalers, lozenges or even prescription pills but still have not been able to quit, you are likely to be a tad disappointed. Rest assured, E-Cigarettes have made an amazing headway in helping the regular smokers say good bye to smoking by providing them a safe substitute for traditional cigarettes in the form of e-cigs containing liquid nicotine and different sweet flavors. Of course, I should mention, most electronic cigarette companies don’t market their product as a smoking cessation device, and they shouldn’t, but rather a nifty, stylish nicotine delivery system.

If you are new to e-cigs, it is recommended that you get your own starter kit which will include all the required accessories and enough gear to get started. Of course, you may find yourself, initially, a bit strapped for cash because some of these kits can cost a big chunk of change to get started, but you will soon realize that paying seven dollars for a new pack of tobacco cigarettes twice a week had been adding up to a lot more. This if you replace your traditional cigarettes with e cigs.

Presently, a number of e-cig companies are offering starter kits in several different packages, but you’ll find making an investment in a V2 Cigs Starter Kit will pay off very well in the end. You may find yourself developing a slight obsession with V2 cigs very soon. This company offers different budget starter kits to get your feet wet. In fact, with V2 starter kits, you can get everything you need to have yourself a taste for under $30.

The following write-up will let you know what you can get in the V2 starter kits and what to expect if you plan to purchase one from V2 Cigs.

What is Included in The V2 Starter Kits?

V2 cigs are available in 6, fully customizable, starter kits, all catering to different budget ranges. Some come with extra accessories while others are more basic. Most of these kits include V2 Cigs batteries, cartridges, USB charger, A/C wall charger and User manual.

Following is the brief description of a few prominent V2 starter kits. There are a couple other kit’s as well which you can find at www.v2-cigs.net.

1. V2 Cigs Economy Starter Kit

This is the second most affordable starter kit which is meant for those who want to give electronic cigs a test for the first time or have to use only them occasionally. The kit includes:

  • 1 Standard V2 Automatic battery
  • 10 V2 Flavor Cartridges
  • 1 Wall Adapter
  • 1 NEW Smart Charger
  • 1 V2 Manual

2. V2 Cigs Ultimate Starter Kit

For those who want to use V2 cigs as their exclusive brand, this is the most comprehensive package. In this kit, the buyers get:

  • 3 V2 batteries
  • 25 V2 Flavor Cartridges
  • 1 Wall Adapter
  • 1 NEW Smart Charger
  • 1 V2 Manual

In addition to these standard items, the V2 Ultimate starter kit offers four bundled accessories:

o 2amp Car Adapter

It allows you to charge your e-cig in your car or any 12v DC power outlet.

o V2 Smart Charger

This new V2 Smart Charger encompasses a highly advanced internal chip that powers your battery very fast and prevents from overcharging.

o V2 Metal Carry Case

A pocket-size, sleek design carrying case allows you to hold two V2 Standard e-cigarettes. The metal case is available in three colors: stainless steel, white and graphite.

o Portable Charging Case XL:

With the portable charging case, you can now power your V2 electronic cigarettes anywhere, anytime. This sleek design charger is easy to carry and can charge a battery up to 8 times before it has to be plugged into a wall outlet.

3. V2 Cigs Traveler Starter Kit

This kit is an ideal option for those who spend most of their time on the road. The travelers kit includes:

  • 2 V2 batteries
  • 15 V2 Flavor Cartridges
  • 1 Wall Adapter
  • 1 NEW Smart Charger
  • 1 NEW 2amp Car Adapter
  • 1 NEW Portable Charging Case
  • 1 V2 Manual
  • 1 V2-Notebook Cig
  • The traveler starter kit offers an additional bundled accessory in the form of V2-Notebook Cig, one which is the ultimate choice of business travelers. This accessory offers you to plug your V2 cig into any laptop or notebook and get your e-cig fully charged without having the need of a battery. Your battery will remain unused for your other V2 Cigs when you are on the journey.

    4. V2 Cigs Couples Starter Kit

    When couples or partners intend together to say good bye to traditional smoking, or just want to try out the latest trend in nicotine delivery, this starter kit offers you a unique chance to enjoy electric cigarettes while saving a little money. When compared to purchasing two separate kits, this combo kit is much cheaper. It’s also a great choice if you want to purchase this and present the extra kit to your friend as a gift. In this kit you will get:

    • 4 V2 batteries
    • 20 V2 Flavor Cartridges
    • 2 Wall Adapters
    • 2 NEW Smart Chargers
    • 2 V2 Manuals

    Not only is V2 known for this variety of starter kits, the company has been proving its mettle in many ways, particularly by offering superior quality e-cigarettes, first of its kind e-liquids, and huge discount schemes.